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Types of Screws used for tv mounting

Mounting a TV can transform your living space, providing a sleek, modern look and freeing up valuable floor space. However, ensuring a secure and stable installation requires more than just a good TV mount – the screws you use are just as crucial. Different types of screws serve different purposes, and using the right ones is essential for the safety and longevity of your mounted TV. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore the various types of screws used for TV mounting and explain why each type is important.

1. Machine Screws


Machine screws are threaded fasteners designed for use with a nut or threaded hole. They are commonly used in TV mounting for attaching the TV bracket to the back of the TV itself. Machine screws are typically made from stainless steel or zinc-plated steel, providing durability and resistance to rust.


Precision Fit: Machine screws are available in precise diameters and lengths, ensuring a secure fit when attaching the mounting bracket to the TV.

Strength: They provide strong and reliable connections, crucial for supporting the weight of the TV.

Compatibility: These screws are often provided by TV manufacturers to match the threaded inserts on the back of the TV.

Common Types

M4, M5, M6, M8: These are the most common machine screw sizes used for TV mounting. The size needed depends on the size and weight of the TV, with M4 and M5 used for smaller TVs and M6 and M8 for larger ones.

2. Wood Screws


Wood screws are designed specifically for use in wood. They have a coarse thread that grips the wood fibers securely, making them ideal for mounting TV brackets to wooden studs within walls.


Grip and Hold: The coarse threading of wood screws provides excellent holding power in wooden studs, ensuring that the mount stays securely attached.

Versatility: They can be used with a variety of wooden surfaces, making them versatile for different mounting situations.

Ease of Use: Wood screws are easy to drive into wooden studs with a standard screwdriver or drill.

Common Types

Flat Head: These screws have a flat top and are countersunk to sit flush with the surface, providing a clean finish.

Round Head: These screws have a rounded top and are used when a flush finish is not necessary.

3. Lag Bolts (Lag Screws)


Lag bolts, also known as lag screws, are large, heavy-duty screws designed for use in wood and other solid materials. They have a hex head and require a wrench or socket for installation.


Heavy-Duty Support: Lag bolts are incredibly strong and can support significant weight, making them ideal for mounting larger, heavier TVs.

Deep Penetration: Their long length allows them to penetrate deeply into studs, providing a very secure hold.

Vibration Resistance: Lag bolts are less likely to loosen over time due to vibrations, ensuring long-term stability.

Common Types

Hex Head: These lag bolts have a hexagonal head and require a wrench or socket for installation. They are the most common type used in TV mounting.

4. Self-Drilling Screws


Self-drilling screws, also known as Tek screws, are designed to drill their own hole as they are driven into the material. They have a drill-like point and are commonly used for mounting TV brackets to metal studs.


Time-Saving: Self-drilling screws eliminate the need for pre-drilling, making the installation process faster and easier.

Secure Hold: They provide a strong, secure hold in metal studs, which are often used in modern construction.

Versatility: Suitable for both metal and wood, they offer versatility for different mounting situations.

Common Types

Hex Washer Head: These screws have a hex head with an integrated washer, providing a larger surface area for distributing load.

Pan Head: These screws have a slightly rounded head that sits on the surface of the material, providing a clean finish.

5. Concrete Screws


Concrete screws, also known as masonry screws, are specifically designed for use in concrete, brick, and other masonry materials. They have a high-low threading pattern that provides superior grip in these tough materials.


Secure Anchoring: Concrete screws offer strong and reliable anchoring in masonry, which is essential for heavy TV mounts.

Ease of Use: They can be driven directly into pre-drilled holes in masonry, making installation straightforward.

Durability: Typically made from hardened steel and coated for corrosion resistance, concrete screws are built to last in harsh environments.

Common Types

Flat Head: These screws are countersunk and sit flush with the surface, providing a clean, finished look.

Hex Head: These screws have a hexagonal head and are driven using a wrench or socket, offering a strong hold.

6. Elephant Anchors


Elephant Anchors consist of a machine screw and a spring-loaded toggle that expands as it is driven into a hollow wall, such as drywall. They provide strong anchoring in situations where studs are not available.


High Load Capacity: Elephant Anchors can support heavy weights, making them ideal for mounting TVs on hollow walls.

Versatility: They can be used in drywall, plaster, and other hollow wall materials, providing flexibility in mounting locations.

Easy Installation: The spring-loaded toggle expands to create a secure hold behind the wall, ensuring stability.

Common Types

Elephant Anchors


Choosing the right screws for TV mounting is crucial for ensuring a secure, stable, and safe installation. Each type of screw serves a specific purpose and is designed to work with different materials and weights. Here’s a quick recap:

  • Machine Screws: For attaching the TV bracket to the TV.
  • Wood Screws: For securing the mount to wooden studs.
  • Lag Bolts: For heavy-duty support in wooden studs.
  • Self-Drilling Screws: For quick installation in metal studs.
  • Concrete Screws: For secure anchoring in masonry.
  • Toggle Bolts: For strong support in hollow walls.
  • Anchors and Screws: For additional stability in weak or brittle materials.

By understanding the importance and applications of each type of screw, you can ensure that your TV mount is both secure and durable. Always follow the manufacturer’s guidelines and use the appropriate screws for your specific mounting situation. For all your mounting needs, including a variety of screws and anchors, trust Elephant Anchors to provide high-quality, reliable solutions. Visit our website Elephant Anchor to explore our range of products designed to make your home improvement projects easier and more secure.

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