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Email: support@elephantanchor.com
Phone: (647) 557-5699
70 Newfield Ave, Edison, New Jersey, United States
945 Wilson Ave, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Product Categories:

Elephant Anchors Sets (Available in packs of 25 and 50)
TV Mounting Kits (Anchors with 4, 6, or 50 anchors with required drill bits)
TV Mounts for Drywall and Metal Studs
Benefits and Features:

Hang/mount your TV within 15 minutes
Save time and money with our steel-construction anchors
Suitable for DIYers and professionals
Strong – Up to 2x the load capacity of old-fashioned wing toggles
Solid metal channel resists vibration and shock
Centered bolt for precise installation
Bolt threads never touch the interior surface, preventing damage
Use with a screw gun – anchor doesn’t spin
Save money by turning a 2-person job into a 1-person job
Use a shorter bolt – no need to carry a wing through the wall
Sturdy strap design with a smaller ratchet interval for precise adjustments
Smallest installation hole for each bolt size
Compatible with fixed or tilting TV mounts
Suitable for walls with metal studs and when there are no studs in hollow walls
Bolt can be removed and fastened at any time without the threaded metal channel falling into the wall
Holds up to 90lbs for TVs, curtain rods, shelves, and more
Customer Reviews:

This works better in condo building wall, anchors secured in hallow metal stud, might have to drill to the left or right angled so it can be pushed in, wont be blocked by the middle piece of metal stud. Used this to install Rubbermaid configuration closet kit. Those plastic anchors came with the closet kit are garbage. These are much more secured.

I’m not one to typically review products I buy online, but I went specifically out of my way to give this product a five star review. It’s so simple and easy to use! Push the steel TEE part in through the half inch hole pull it tight with the straps, then push the nylon retainer against the wall and snap off the straps. THAT EASY! Worked perfectly! Made the installation of my sink absolutely easy. Love this product.

I mounted an older 42″ LED Tv, soundbar and AV Rack for my partner in her new appartment with minimal issues. I also remounted some poorly mounted ikea shelves with 3 of these for much better stability. Also mounted 3 new bookshelves with these and they are ROCK solid. My only issue came in a wall that was NOT deep enough to get the toggles to flip. I think out of the 30+ I used I think 2 or 3 had minor issues/breakage and it was my fault in each case. Most of it’s been up for 5 to 6 months now with no issues. Will definitely use again!

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We offer a 30-day return policy.
Items must be in the same condition as received, with tags and in the original packaging.
Contact us at support@elephantanchor.com to start a return.
Damaged or defective items will be evaluated and corrected promptly.
Refunds will be processed on the original payment method.