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Should you mount on the wall, Ceiling or pillar?

When it comes to mounting heavy objects like TVs, cabinets, or decorative items, choosing the right mounting surface is crucial. The decision often boils down to three main options: wall, ceiling, or pillar. Each option has its advantages and disadvantages, and the best choice depends on various factors including the type of item being mounted, the room layout, and the desired aesthetic. In this blog post, we will explore the pros and cons of each mounting surface and explain why wall mounting is generally the best option. We’ll also highlight how using Elephant Anchors can make wall mounting a secure and reliable solution.

Wall Mounting

Advantages of Wall Mounting

Versatility and Convenience:

Accessibility: Walls are the most accessible surfaces in any room. They are easy to reach and typically offer plenty of space for mounting a variety of items.

Optimal Viewing Angles: For items like TVs, wall mounting provides optimal viewing angles from different points in the room. This enhances the viewing experience and reduces neck strain.

Space Saving: Wall mounting helps save floor space, making the room look more spacious and organized. This is particularly beneficial in small rooms or apartments.

Stability and Security:

Strong Support: Walls, especially those with studs, offer strong support for heavy items. When mounted correctly, the risk of the item falling is minimal.

Flexibility: With the right anchors, you can mount items on various types of walls including drywall, plaster, and concrete.

Aesthetic Appeal:

Clean Look: Wall-mounted items provide a clean and modern look. Cables can be hidden behind the wall, giving a neat and clutter-free appearance.

Design Flexibility: Wall mounting allows for creative and flexible interior design options, such as creating gallery walls or focal points.



Disadvantages of Wall Mounting

Installation Complexity:

Finding Studs: Locating studs behind drywall can be challenging, and mounting directly into drywall without proper anchors can be risky.

Potential Damage: Drilling into walls can cause damage, especially if not done correctly. Holes left behind when items are removed can also be unsightly.

Limitations on Placement:

Fixed Position: Once mounted, the position of the item is fixed and cannot be easily changed without reinstallation.

Ceiling Mounting

Advantages of Ceiling Mounting

Unique Viewing Angles:

Ideal for Specific Spaces: Ceiling mounting is ideal for rooms with limited wall space or for unique viewing experiences, such as home theaters.

Adjustable: Many ceiling mounts offer adjustable angles and heights, providing flexibility in positioning.

Space Efficiency:

No Wall Clutter: Ceiling mounts free up wall space, which can be used for other purposes like shelving or artwork.

Disadvantages of Ceiling Mounting

Installation Challenges:

Complex Setup: Ceiling mounting typically requires more complex installation compared to wall mounting. It often involves additional tools and skills.

Structural Concerns: Not all ceilings are suitable for heavy mounts. It’s essential to ensure that the ceiling structure can support the weight.

Maintenance and Adjustments:

Difficult Access: Items mounted on the ceiling are harder to access for maintenance or adjustments. This can be particularly inconvenient for frequently used items.

Aesthetic Concerns:

Intrusive Look: Ceiling mounts can look intrusive and may not blend well with the room’s decor. Visible cables and mounts can be unsightly.

Pillar Mounting

Advantages of Pillar Mounting

Utilizes Unused Space:

Innovative Use of Space: Pillar mounting makes use of structural elements that might otherwise be unused, maximizing the utility of the room.

Unique Aesthetic: Mounted items on pillars can add a unique and interesting visual element to the space.


Various Applications: Pillar mounts are ideal for outdoor spaces like gazebos, pergolas, and patios where traditional wall or ceiling mounts may not be feasible.

Disadvantages of Pillar Mounting

Limited Placement Options:

Structural Limitations: Not all rooms have pillars, and the placement of pillars may not be ideal for optimal viewing or usage.

Weight Constraints: Depending on the material and structure of the pillar, there may be limitations on the weight it can support.

Complex Installation:

Specialized Mounts: Pillar mounting often requires specialized mounts that can securely wrap around the pillar, which can be more complex to install.

Why Wall Mounting is the Best Option

While ceiling and pillar mounting have their merits, wall mounting stands out as the best option for most applications due to its versatility, stability, and aesthetic appeal. Here are some key reasons why wall mounting is generally the preferred choice:

Ease of Installation:

Wall mounting is simpler and more straightforward compared to ceiling or pillar mounting. With the right tools and anchors, most homeowners can successfully mount items on their walls without professional help.

Optimal Viewing and Accessibility:

Wall-mounted items are typically at eye level, providing the best viewing angles and easy access for use and maintenance.

Strong and Secure:

When using high-quality anchors like Elephant Anchors, wall mounting becomes a highly secure option. These anchors ensure that heavy items stay firmly in place, reducing the risk of accidents or damage.

The Role of Elephant Anchors in Wall Mounting

Elephant Anchors are specifically designed to address the challenges of wall mounting, particularly on drywall and other hollow materials. Here’s why they are the perfect solution for wall mounting:

Superior Strength and Stability:

Elephant Anchors can hold up to 90lbs, providing a rock-solid hold for heavy items like TVs, cabinets, and shelves. Their innovative design ensures that they stay securely in place even when the bolt is removed.

Versatility Across Materials:

These anchors are suitable for various wall types, including drywall, plaster, and even metal studs. This versatility makes them an excellent choice for different mounting scenarios.

Ease of Installation:

The user-friendly design of Elephant Anchors simplifies the installation process. There’s no need to worry about bolts falling behind the wall or complex pre-installation steps. Just follow the straightforward instructions and get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Durable Construction:

Crafted from corrosion-resistant zinc-plated metal and secure plastic, Elephant Anchors are built to last. They maintain their hold and integrity over time, ensuring long-term reliability.

Comprehensive Solution:

Each pack of Elephant Anchors comes with all the necessary components, including screws, saving you time and additional trips to the hardware store.


When deciding between wall, ceiling, or pillar mounting, wall mounting emerges as the best option for most situations. It offers unmatched versatility, ease of installation, and optimal viewing angles, making it the ideal choice for mounting a wide range of items.

Using Elephant Anchors for wall mounting takes the guesswork out of the equation, providing a secure and reliable solution that ensures your mounted items stay firmly in place. With their superior strength, ease of installation, and durable construction, Elephant Anchors are the perfect choice for anyone looking to mount items on their walls with confidence and peace of mind.

Elevate your space with the best wall mounting solution available and experience the difference Elephant Anchors can make in your home improvement projects. Don’t let the challenges of mounting hold you back – embrace the simplicity, security, and style of wall mounting with Elephant Anchors today.

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