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Tilt Only Strapping Gazebo Post TV Mount – All Black

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Get more space! Perfect for patios, gazebos, pergolas and so much more. Securely strap your TV directly to a column or pillar on your pillar, column, post or pole. No drilling is required.

Zebozap Tilt Pillar TV mount features polymer straps instead of mechanical fasteners for a non-permanent installation that can quickly be removed or relocated with no damage.


No Drilling Into structural Pillars– It is highly disadvantages to drill into structural pillars. Best practice is always to avoid drilling lag bolts into support structures in order to maintain the structural integrity of the entire structure.

Save Space : Eliminates the need to have a TV stand or a media cabinet that can consume up your valuable floor space.

Easy Cleaning : TV on the pillar does not take any floor space which allows for easy sweeping or mopping.

Make watching TV a pleasure – Our outdoor TV mount presents you with better and enhanced watching . You can now enjoy watching TV while enjoy the outside view. Change the position of the TV when desired as the installation is non permanent.

Easy 2-step installation process – Designed with the goal of making the installation process as easy as possible. This is why it only takes 2 steps. Step 1- Strap Mounting Plate to PillarStep 2 – Attach TV Mount

Save installation Cost– Traditional mounting is time-consuming and expensive. With our column mount, you can now mount your TV to pillars without power tools.


Suitable for both: Portrait & Landscape Mounting

Shapes of Columns Supported: Circular, square, rectangular, triangular, hexagonal, H beam, I beam and all other shape

Weight Capacity:  Rated for 55kg/120lbs. (4 times load tested)

TV sizes: 37″ to 85″

VESA : 200x200mm to 400mm x 400mm

Tilt Only Motion : 10 degrees down and 10 degrees up

Pillar Diameter  : 8-in. to 50-in.

Pillar Circumference : 25-in. to 150-in

Height and Position Adjustable : Yes

CondoMounts Strap : Single BLACK  4000lbs Polymer Straps, UV Resistant -10 Year Free replacement


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