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Pillar Shelf Mount – Black

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If you have ever admired a structural column where it almost looks as if the items on it are unsupported, it is probably using floating shelves. A floating shelf doesn’t really float, of course. It is secured to the column using the Slot Grip Technology.

This shelve is an all in one solution which wraps around your column/pillar with a heavy duty paintable strap that is included. The CondoMounts floating shelve is built in with a ratcheting mechanism that takes just minutes to mount on any column/pillar. No drilling or power tools are required to install this shelve on a pillar.

Modern in its style, these shelves are quick and easy to hang on your concrete pillar or any shaped column while also offering you a clean way to hide cables for your various entertainment devices. With the glass shelves measuring some 12″ in depth and 14″ in width, it does mean that there is adequate space available to place your Soundbar, game console, cable box underneath or above your TV on the pillar. Vertical distance between the shelves is 6″.

The glass is toughened oven baked tampered glass that takes upto 20 lbs on each layer capable of handling 40 lbs in total. Cable management openings are available to tuck cables away giving it a sleek and elegant finish on your column.

The strapping round pillar shelves designed by Condomounts is perfect for placing your Sonos Soundbar, Play station console, X Box, DVD player. The floating shelves for pillars frees up floor space in your apartment or condo.

Since these shelves do not involve drilling, the column mounted shelving system for round pillars can be installed even if you are renting and does not require permission from the landlord or condo board.  Similarly with the Column TV mount, the round pillar shelve is able to define the entertainment centre of your home.


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