Elephant Anchor

How to place elephant anchors?

Are you itching to mount your TV on drywall but struggling with finding the right tools or professionals? Look no further than Elephant Anchors – your ultimate solution to hassle-free TV mounting.

Why Choose Elephant Anchors?

Our 200lbs Metal Stud Mounting Kit – 4 piece offers everything you need to mount your TV securely and swiftly on drywall, without the need for costly professional assistance. Here’s why it’s a game-changer for DIY enthusiasts:


1. Easy Installation: With our step-by-step guide and included tools, mounting your TV becomes a breeze. No prior experience required!


2. Time-Saving: Skip the long waits for professionals. You can transform your living space within just 15 minutes.


3. Versatile Use: Elephant Anchors aren’t just for TVs. They can be used for curtain rods, shelves, mirrors, and more, making them a versatile addition to your DIY toolkit.


4. No Stud Required: Even if you can’t locate a metal stud, our anchors work perfectly on drywall, ensuring flexibility in mounting locations.

How to Use Elephant Anchors for TV Mounting

1. Prepare Your Tools: Unbox your kit, which includes a titanium-coated drill, drywall anchors, screws, washers, and an installation manual.


2. Drill Pilot Holes: Use the included drill to create pilot holes in your drywall.


3. Install Anchors: Insert the drywall anchors into the pilot holes.


4. Secure Your TV: Follow the provided instructions to attach your TV securely to the drywall anchors.


Safety Tips: Ensure proper weight distribution and always consult an expert for heavier installations exceeding 90lbs.

Create Your Dream Space Today!

Transform your living room into a cozy haven by mounting your TV with Elephant Anchors. Say goodbye to complicated installations and hello to a DIY-friendly solution that brings your dream space to life.


Ready to get started? Purchase our Elephant Anchors Metal Stud Mounting Kit on Amazon and embark on your DIY TV mounting journey today! Amazon Link

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