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How to mount a tv without studs?


Mounting a TV on the wall can be a game-changer for your living space, providing a sleek and modern look. However, not every wall has studs in the ideal location for mounting. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to mount a TV without studs, fear not – it’s entirely possible with the right tools and techniques. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore various methods to securely mount your TV on a studless wall.

Method 1: Use Drywall Anchors

Drywall anchors are an excellent solution for mounting items on a wall without studs. Here’s how you can use them to mount your TV securely:

  1. Select the Right Anchors: Choose robust drywall anchors capable of supporting the weight of your TV. The packaging should indicate the maximum weight capacity.
  2. Mark the Mounting Points: Determine the ideal placement for your TV on the wall and mark the mounting points. Use a level to ensure accurate positioning.
  3. Drill Pilot Holes: Drill pilot holes at the marked points using an electric drill. Ensure the holes are slightly smaller than the diameter of the drywall anchors.
  4. Insert the Anchors: Gently tap the drywall anchors into the pilot holes until they are flush with the wall.
  5. Mount the TV Bracket: Attach the TV bracket to the wall, aligning it with the installed anchors. Use screws provided with the anchors to secure the bracket in place.
  6. Attach the TV: Once the bracket is securely mounted, attach the TV to the bracket following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Method 2: Utilize Toggle Bolts

Toggle bolts are another effective option for mounting a TV without studs. Follow these steps to use toggle bolts:

  1. Mark the Mounting Points: Decide on the optimal TV placement and mark the mounting points on the wall. Use a level to ensure accuracy.
  2. Drill Holes: Drill holes at the marked points large enough to accommodate the toggle bolts when they are folded.
  3. Insert Toggle Bolts: Thread the toggle bolts through the holes, ensuring they are folded flat against the bolt. Once inside the wall, the bolts will spring open, providing a secure anchor.
  4. Secure TV Bracket: Attach the TV bracket to the wall, aligning it with the installed toggle bolts. Use the screws provided to secure the bracket in place.
  5. Mount the TV: With the bracket securely attached, mount the TV following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Method 3: Consider Mounting on Plywood

If you’re dealing with an entirely studless wall, consider attaching a piece of plywood to the wall first. This creates a stable surface for mounting the TV. Follow these steps:

  1. Cut Plywood to Size: Measure the dimensions of your TV and cut a piece of plywood to match.
  2. Attach Plywood to the Wall: Secure the plywood to the wall using screws directly driven into the drywall or using anchors for added support.
  3. Mount TV Bracket: Once the plywood is securely attached, mount the TV bracket onto the plywood following the manufacturer’s instructions.
  4. Mount the TV: Finally, attach the TV to the bracket on the plywood, ensuring a stable and secure mount.

Method 4: Seek Professional Installation

If you’re unsure about handling the mounting process yourself, or if your TV is particularly large and heavy, it may be wise to consult with a professional installer. They have the expertise and tools to assess the wall and choose the most suitable method for a secure and reliable TV mount.


Mounting a TV without studs requires careful consideration and the use of appropriate tools and methods. Whether you opt for drywall anchors, toggle bolts, plywood backing, or professional installation, following the correct steps ensures a secure and stylish TV mount on studless walls. With the right approach, you can enjoy your favorite shows and movies on a wall-mounted TV, even in spaces where studs aren’t readily available.

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