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How to mount a shelf on studless drywall?

Mounting Floating Shelves on Pillars Without Studs with CondoMounts

In the world of interior design, floating shelves have become a popular choice for those seeking a sleek and modern aesthetic. The illusion of items floating on a column or pillar adds a touch of elegance to any space. CondoMounts has taken this concept to the next level with their innovative floating shelves, utilizing the groundbreaking Slot Grip Technology. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the process of mounting these shelves on a column or pillar without the need for studs.

Understanding CondoMounts Floating Shelves

If you’ve ever marveled at a column where items seem to defy gravity, chances are it’s adorned with CondoMounts’ floating shelves. Unlike traditional shelves, these don’t rely on visible brackets or supports. Instead, they wrap around your column or pillar seamlessly, creating a minimalist and visually stunning display.

Installation Made Simple with Slot Grip Technology

The CondoMounts floating shelf comes equipped with a heavy-duty, paintable strap that utilizes the innovative Slot Grip Technology. This strap wraps securely around your pillar, providing a stable foundation for the shelf. The built-in ratcheting mechanism ensures a quick and tool-free installation process, taking just minutes to complete.

No Drilling, No Problem

One of the standout features of these floating shelves is the absence of drilling or the need for power tools during installation. CondoMounts has designed these shelves with convenience in mind, allowing users to enhance their space without the hassle of extensive installation processes.

Modern Design, Maximum Functionality

Designed with a modern aesthetic, CondoMounts’ floating shelves offer more than just visual appeal. The glass shelves, measuring 12″ in depth and 14″ in width, provide ample space for your entertainment devices. Whether you want to place a Soundbar, game console, or cable box, these shelves offer a clean and organized solution.

Durable and Functional

Crafted with toughened oven-baked tempered glass, each shelf can hold up to 20 lbs on each layer, with a total capacity of 40 lbs. The vertical distance between the shelves is 6″, allowing for versatility in arranging your items. Cable management openings add to the functionality, providing a sleek and elegant finish to your pillar.

Versatile Usage

CondoMounts’ strapping round pillar shelves are designed to accommodate various entertainment devices, including Sonos Soundbars, PlayStations, Xboxes, and DVD players. This frees up valuable floor space in your apartment or condo, offering a practical and stylish storage solution.

Rental-Friendly Installation

A significant advantage of CondoMounts’ floating shelves is the ability to install them without drilling. This makes them ideal for renters who want to enhance their space without seeking permission from landlords or condo boards. Similarly, the round pillar shelf, like the Column TV mount, becomes a focal point of your entertainment center.

Where to Find CondoMounts Floating Shelves

If you’re ready to elevate your space with CondoMounts’ floating shelves, you can find them on their Shopify store here or on Amazon here.

Stay Connected with CondoMounts

For video demonstrations and more, check out CondoMounts on YouTube here. Follow them on Facebook here, Instagram here, and TikTok here for the latest updates and innovative solutions in mounting technology.


In conclusion, CondoMounts’ floating shelves offer a seamless and stylish solution for mounting on pillars without studs. Elevate your space with these elegant shelves, combining modern design with functional convenience.

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